Top 10 English-language crypto Youtubers

top 10 polish cryptocurrency youtubers

Crypto investments often require specialized knowledge to be successful. Other times there is a need to confront our opinion with that of other analysts. It happens that Youtube comes with help. It is full of content about Bitcoin. But how to separate the good from the average? So, we will present to you, in our opinion, 10 of the best English-speaking crypto youtubers.

Crypto Jebb

The channel is run by a young American who is well versed in technical analysis. He touches on many fundamental topics, but mainly focuses on price action on stock charts. As the author himself points out, he tries to talk about what he knows, and not about what is popular at the moment. For this reason, in addition to analyzing Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano, he rarely touches on other cryptocurrencies.

Benjamin Cowen and his Into the Cryptoverse

This is a second interesting offering that presents an interesting analytical perspective. Benjamin also focuses around the leading cryptocurrencies, but is more likely to use logarithmic charts. He is a mathematician by training, which makes his insights add a lot to classical analysis.

The Moon

Carl is one of the most popular youtubers. He mainly focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum. His favorite analysis is short-term technical analysis. Mainly because he tries to make leveraged investments. 

Tyler S

This is another analyst who focuses around technical analysis. He looks for interesting solutions among technical chart features to track potential next price moves.

Crypto Crew University

Steve, who runs the channel, is characterized by the fact that he only considers technical analysis, completely and deliberately ignoring news and new project fundamentals that emerge over time. He believes that these aspects distort the real perspective of price action on the charts. He focuses around Bitcoin and occasionally touches on selected altcoins.

Crypto FOMO

A channel run by a young man who mainly loves Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano. Despite the rather flashy headlines of the clips, the content has quite interesting content. Technical analysis, news review and Twitter are definitely part of his job.


Goerge creates content similar to most of the previously mentioned. Technical analysis and news review is his daily routine. The channel also has a particular strength in its insights into onchain data, where when something significant comes up, Goerge enjoys hosting instant live broadcasts.

Keiths Crypto Trades

Keith is a charismatic figure and also quite entertaining. His analyses, regardless of the direction of Bitcoin price movement, can put you in a comfortable mood. He happens to observe formations on the charts that other analysts do not observe.


Da Vinci is one of the early analysts of the Bitcoin market. He mainly focuses on BTC and ETH charts, as well as a whole host of news stories.

BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy is also one of the more well-known and long-time analysts. He undoubtedly has his own style and a specific sense of humor. His channel is full of thoughts and interpretations of the market. 

However, remember not to copy moves heard from the internet. This is not investment advice. Any cryptocurrency purchase is your own responsibility, and you should make your decisions consciously.

DisclaimerBlockbulletin does not take accountability of investments based on the information of the website. We highly advice readers to make extensive research prior to any invest

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