Bitcoin sets Guinness record by being the first decentralized cryptocurrency

Bitcoin sets Guinness record by being the first decentralized cryptocurrency (1)

Bitcoin in the Guinness Book of World Records! Fans of the largest cryptocurrency have lived to see an unprecedented achievement. In addition to BTC itself, several other projects and events related to blockchain technology have been highlighted.

Bitcoin, the first and largest cryptocurrency

Bitcoin fans can shine another great triumph. This time the leading virtual coin has been entered into the ‘Guinness World Records’ book. BTC was thus honored for being “the first decentralized cryptocurrency.”

The latest book of records sees Bitcoin’s uniqueness in several different aspects. For it refers to BTC as the “oldest,” “most valuable,” and “first decentralized” cryptocurrency. As we know, at least two of the three aforementioned qualities will never be taken away from Bitcoin, allowing it to forever be written in the pages of this distinguished book.

Since its creation, Bitcoin remains the largest crypto project. At the time of this writing, its market capitalization is nearly $370 billion. In turn, its dominance is more than 40% of the market capitalization, which puts BTC as the unrivaled crypto asset to date. Although many similar ones have been created, no cryptocurrency has been able to threaten BTC in taking the leadership seat.

“Cryptomania” with more significant entries

Bitcoin’s entry into the Guinness Book of World Records begins a category called “Cryptomania,” in which several other important events for the blockchain sector were revealed. Among others, the NFT segment was honored. Of particular note was the CryptoPunks collection. Here the “most expensive NFT collection item” was awarded. All thanks to the purchase made by Deepak Thapliya. Indeed, he acquired CryptoPunk #5822 for $23.7 million in ETH. It can be questioned whether this particular NFT was the most expensive. As we know, the famous creator of Beeple, sold one of his NFTs for $69.3 million, but it did not fit the criteria adopted in the evaluation book.

The “most valuable fan token” was also awarded. Here the victory can be celebrated by Manchester City fans. Indirectly, this is also the success of the Chiliz ecosystem, on the basis of which the token was created.

Honorable mention for El Salvador

Speaking of Bitcoin and the Guinness Book of World Records, it’s hard not to mention El Salvador. He, too, received the honor of making history. The category in which this small Central American country won is obvious – “the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.” Although there has been much talk of other countries copying it, the only one to follow suit became the Central African Republic in April this year.

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