Cardano Daedalus Wallet with a new update that improves integration features for wallets

daedalus wallet

Cardano developers are not stopping. After a successful update to the network called Vasil, they decided to enhance their Daedalus wallet. Thus ADA lovers supporting Trezor and Ledger will receive a package of improvements.

New Daedalus Wallet release

The Input Output Global (IOG) team behind Cardano announced on Thursday, October 13 that a new update to the Daedalus wallet – Daedalus mainnet 5.1.0 – has been released. It brings very significant changes for users of hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger.

The changes include an improved version of the LedgerJS package. It includes support for the future Ledger Cardano App version 5.0.0 and Babbage. It also accommodates the upgrade of Trezor Connect to version 9.

Cardano wallet V2022-10-06 is included with the aim of improving the efficiency of toll calculation. In doing so its compatibility with Babbage is declared. The Input Output Global team will be able to prioritize the introduction of new features on its own from now on. Bug fixing will also become smoother. This will be done with the help of an optional, anonymous analytical collection of usage data.

The previous version of Daedalus contained bugs

According to representatives of the Cardano network, the previous version of their proprietary wallet suffered from significant problems, the solution of which has become a priority. These included transaction fees which took far too long to complete. There were also translation errors for the Japanese language, relating to the balance amount in the ADA. Both of these aspects have now been corrected.

Other important changes included for example; the removal of older Daedalus executables that were not erased during the earlier changes. The whole thing becomes in a way, a complement to the revolution started in the portfolio version 5.0.0. It was released even before the Vasil update. It was intended to fix problems, such as errors in selecting wallet synchronization, during the incentivized testnet (ITN) award fulfillment process.

Input Output Global issues warning

Despite the latest updates Cardano developers for their community issued a very important warning. They pointed out that Daedalus is a node wallet tailored exclusively for desktop computers. With fraud and scam attempts ubiquitous online, they noted that any mobile version of it is not genuine. Instead the goal of such is to steal seed phrases and, consequently, ADA coins from users’ wallets. 

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