E-commerce store ‘Radio Shack’ lists Shiba Inu as payment method

Shiba Inu

There are many indications that one of the most popular electronics retailers will introduce Shiba Inu as a payment method. The community reacted vigorously to a question on the matter.

Is it even a question at all?

On Thursday, July 14, the official “Radio Shack” profile reached out to its fans on Twitter for advice:

It concerned the possibility of adding payment in Shiba Inu, for purchases made in the network’s stores.

We have already emphasized more than once what a strength the SHIB community is. Hence, the reactions are not surprising. There was an immediate avalanche of positive comments.

User MaximousDarwin responded: “Always a good idea to keep up with trends, right? Do it! #shib!”.

He was echoed by CMRogers74: “SHIBARMS welcome anyone who wants to join our ranks. That would be a huge YES!”

Great excitement was also shared by dream1Milli, who commented:  “At this point, is that even a question? Hell yeah!!!”.

RadioShack a powerful brand in its segment

RadioShack is a company founded in the United States, back in 1921. It was originally known as RadioShack Corporation. Its initiators were brothers Theodore and Milton Deutschman. The company’s initial scope was to supply equipment to the amateur radio segment, which was growing at the time. 

Thanks to its partnership with Tandy Corporation, over time RadioShack became one of the market leaders in the United States, in terms of electronics trading. In addition, the company has significantly expanded beyond the borders of its home country. Its stores can also be found in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. In turn, thanks to licensing to third-party companies, its signboard can also be seen in parts of Asia, North Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

One gets the impression that the answer to the question posed on Twitter by RadioShack was a foregone conclusion. The SHIB community, showing reflexivity and enthusiasm, only sealed it. RadioShack’s addition of a payment method based on a dog coin is an excellent move on the part of the company’s management, which apparently wants to emphasize the innovative nature of the network. It’s also a bullish sign for SHIB, in terms of adoption and recognition.

Meanwhile, the SHIB price chart

Shiba Inu has been reacting less vigorously to positive news lately. This is also hardly surprising, as we are clearly experiencing a bear market. For this reason, SHIB is consolidating and there are many indications that it is just preparing for a bigger move. For the moment, resistance is the region around $0.000012. Its possible breakthrough is a chance to attack the area around $0.000020.

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