NBA’s Stephen Curry joins FTX team as ambassador

NBA's Stephen Curry joins FTX team as ambassador

One of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges is making news about another high-profile collaboration. This time one of the most popular NBA basketball players will become its face.

Another athlete involved in FTX

According to reports shared with us by the FTX exchange, it has signed a partnership with Stephen Curry. The partnership is expected to be a multi-year one and will also involve Curry’s Eat.Learn.Play foundation to participate in charitable initiatives. 

Stephen Curry has a positive outlook on the new challenge and presents it himself as follows:

“I am excited to work with a company that demystifies the cryptocurrency space and eliminates the intimidation factor for early adopters.”

In addition to the private benefits, he also sees a sizable opportunity for the foundation, which is dedicated to fighting childhood hunger, providing access to learning, and safe spaces to exercise. To date, Eat.Learn.Play has provided 17 million meals to Oakland children and their parents. FTX has also committed to donating to it.

For the exchange itself, this is also a very significant step, as illustrated by Sam Bankman-Fried, who commented on it as follows:

“After meeting and speaking with Stephen, it was clear that he was the perfect fit for FTX. His tireless commitment to charitable giving, as well as his insightful work ethic to become the best in whatever field he finds himself in, whether it be basketball, investing or business, aligns perfectly with FTX’s core values. I look forward to working with Stephen to make a positive impact on those who need it most in the world.”

What is FTX

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. In addition to spot trading, you can also find derivatives on it. It is one of the fastest growing spaces of its kind. It became famous during the wave of regulatory problems that Binance encountered. It is in FTX that a large part of the market sees a solid competitor for the exchange managed by Changpeng Zhao.

Sam Bankman-Fried’s empire is known for its precise marketing efforts, targeting communities organized around sports. Part of this plan includes contracting an ambassador in the form of Stephen Curry, or other well-known stars such as Tom Brady and Trevor Lawrance. The Exchange is also known for its partnership with F1, as well as its title sponsorship of the Miami Sports Arena.

These types of endeavors bring FTX closer to communities that previously may not have had exposure to it. They also have a positive impact on cryptocurrency adoption. For sports fans, idols engaging in new ventures by expressing approval for them highlights their quality. This ultimately widens the pool of potential consumers significantly.

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