Flipside Crypto launches NFT to retrieve data from multiple chains

Flipside Crypto launches NFT to retrieve data from multiple chains

Cryptocurrency winter is a time when many projects will be forced to prove their worth. This also applies to the NFT sphere. This is where Flipside Crypto comes to the rescue introducing an interesting new solution to support the work of developers.

New Software Development Kit

Analytics company Flipside Crypto has boasted the launch of an online Software Development Kit, called ShroomDK. This software is based on non-exchangeable NFT tokens and allows downloading comprehensive blockchain data. According to company officials, this kind of solution will facilitate sales, as well as ongoing updates.

Jim Myers, co-founder of Flipside Crypto, noted that retrieving blockchain data across multiple chains was a critical missing element for both developers and analysts.

The Software Development Kit therefore addresses a market need. It’s a set of tools aimed at building software that will in turn facilitate the development of applications for both devices and operating systems. 

Strengths of NFT ShroomDK

According to the project’s developers, ShroomDK will make it easier for developers to search for data on networks such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Solana, Near, Flow, THORChain and Algorand. Support can also be counted on within tier two solutions such as Optimism and Arbitrum.

For his part, Flipside Crypto CEO Dave Balter notes that with the SDK, NFTs will save users the trouble of “managing nodes, complex data strings or petabyte-scale databases.”

Thus, he further explains:

“Including access to the SDK in the NFT gives users control over their licensing. Software licenses are often a sunk cost, meaning that if you don’t use the license you purchased, it is wasted. This is not good for the end user or the product vendor. By converting the license into an NFT, the remaining usage time can be resold to anyone. This benefits both the original holder, who can turn the sunk cost into something of value, and new users, who can try the product at a reduced price.”

Beta version already released

According to Balter, the SDK has already been released in a closed beta version more than a month ago. There was a demand for it from 50 key analysts and developers in the cryptocurrency space, such as Rabbithole, Optimism, LlamaDAO, and 0x.

In his view, a solution like an SDK for NFT is a necessity these days:

“The cryptocurrency winter has put additional pressure on every blockchain to develop and retain developers and users. The usability of a project is paramount, but it requires ongoing knowledge for builders to achieve it. That’s why ShroomDK is needed now.”

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