Formula 1 team McLaren joins the NFT craze by launching its tokens

McLaren 1

The longest running Formula One team in the world, McLaren Racing Team, has recently confirmed the launch of its own NTF tokens in the market. In doing so, it has joined the worldwide craze for NTFs. The McLaren team has launched its digital collection on the Tezos blockchain, while the tokens themselves will be offered through the McLaren Racing Collective platform. The project is being developed in partnership with well-known enterprise NFT provider Sweet. 

What are NFT tokens?

NTF tokens are a non-exchangeable digital asset based on blockchain technology. We say these tokens are “non-exchangeable” because they are unique – you won’t find two NTF tokens the same in the world. It is a collector’s resource and for some people it represents a form of capital investment. In recent times, mainly 2021, circles interested in blockchain technology talk a lot about the “craze” that is associated with these very tokens. In fact, over the past few months there has been a certain fad for them – even well-known artists and celebrities, such as Eminem, are minting their own collectible tokens and putting them up for sale. 

McLaren Racing Collective

The McLaren F1 team’s idea is simple: the non-exchangeable tokens they publish will correspond to the next components of the MCL35M 2021 race car, a vehicle that can be built using the tokens and the McLaren Racing Cad program, which users can download themselves. The MCL35M consists of 22 digital components that will be released in 5 stages. The first “drop” of parts is expected to take place very soon on October 24, 2021. 

Lindsey Eckhouse, Director of E-Commerce and E-sports, spoke on the matter:

“We are excited to launch the McLaren Racing Collective, which allows us to engage our fans in a new and innovative space. With NFT built on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain, we’re creating a new way to enrich our fans’ experience, and McLaren Racing’s customized digital collectible marketplace provides them with a whole new way to connect with our team.” 

But that’s not the end of the exciting news the McLaren Racing Team has to share. The team has decided to give its fans another surprise: the first 5,000 parts of the MCL35M race car are to be given to the 5,000 fans who joined the McLaren Racing Collective platform in the first place.

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