Mr Goxx – a hamster that performs better than institutional investors

Mr Goxx - a hamster that performs better than institutional investors

It would seem that the world of investments is a place for real tough guys with nerves of steel. However, among them stands a small rodent, whose decisions can outshine many “Wolf of Wall Streets”.

Up to 50% profit in 4 months

This year’s holiday season shows market stagnation. Some investors decided to take some time off, and those who remained on the market did not necessarily record high profits. Meanwhile, Mr. Goxx, in his small cage, makes risky, yet accurate decisions.

Hamster, whose owner remains anonymous, started his adventure with cryptocurrencies in June this year. At that time his wallet was filled with the amount of USD 390. At the end of September it was already 90 USD richer. This is a gain of more than 23%. Interestingly, two weeks earlier he could boast of even greater wealth, being in possession of a total of 580 USD. This is an impressive profit exceeding 50%, which many market veterans are not able to boast of! However, the hamster’s paw was wrong, and at the end of the month he made some bad decisions. This does not change the fact, however, that he is still a solid “plus”.

Meanwhile, stock market returns achieved by investors on traditional markets in the area of S&P500 and NASDAQ indices are not even half of the profits generated by the hamster.

How Mr. Goxx executes his orders

The animal has a specially constructed cage that it can enter whenever it is inspired to do so. Running in a circle, the hamster selects one of the 30 available cryptocurrencies, then passing through one of the two tunnels, he chooses whether he plans to buy or sell it. Mr. Goxx’s transactions are automatically set at $24, but according to his owner, if the pet’s investment interest grows, he will be given more control and will be able to decide the purchase amount himself.


Hamster Investment Room, Twitter: @mrgoxx

Proof that everything grows

Burton Makiel, a famous American economist who is considered the father of passive earning once said:

“A monkey, throwing darts, is able to select at random better companies for an investment portfolio than specialists after months of analysis”.

Although this thesis sounds extremely brutal, it carries a grain of truth, which for the moment is confirmed by Mr. Goxx’s investment decisions.

Thus, his actions are a testament to the market’s continued upward momentum. They are caused by many factors, such as uninterrupted and at the same time long-lasting loss of the fiduciary money value, progressing inflation, as well as increasing number of market participants.

Still, you have to give the hamster credit for being a real business shark. We keep our fingers crossed that he will achieve even higher profits and outshine many a whale.

Disclaimer: Blockbulletin does not take accountability of investments based on the information of the website. We highly advice readers to make extensive research prior to any invest

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