This kid is just 12 years old and has made nearly $400k on his own NFTs

This kid is just 12 years old and has made nearly $400k on his own NFTs

Benjamin Ahmed learned to code at the age of 5! Today at the age of 12, thanks to his exceptional skills, he has nearly $400,000 in his account. All thanks to NFT.

From an early age…

Benjamin is the son of a programmer who works at the London Stock Exchange. At the age of 5, together with his older brother, he began to learn programming. All this under the watchful eye of their father, who already then noticed that the boys showed special abilities in this matter. 

Benjamin decided to use his exceptional skills now. He created a collection of 3350 emotion-type whales and named them Weird Whales. They refer to the popular pixelated whale meme. The boy used his own software to create them. To his surprise, the whales generated a lot of interest in the NFT market. Put up for sale in July, today they brought him just under $400,000 in Ethereum and it is in ETH tokens that Benjamin decided to keep his profit.

This is Benjamin’s second collection of digital artwork. The earlier one, inspired by Minecraft, could not boast of such success. There are already plans for a third one, which will make reference to superheroes. Benjamin would also like to create an “underwater game” with whales. But we will have to wait for that.

What is NFT?

NFT is nothing but a non-exchangeable token. It is one of the factions of blockchain technology that is significantly gaining popularity. These are unique digital assets that do not have their counterpart in the same form. Each one is different and none of them can be transferred without the owner’s permission. Because they can serve as proof of authenticity, they were quickly exploited by developers and are already finding their way into art, entertainment and commerce. The origins of NFTs date back to 2012. They gained popularity in 2017, thanks to a game based on the Ethereum blockchain called Crypto Kitties. Today, they are known, among others, thanks to the CryptoPunks collection, in which the payment operator Visa, among others, decided to invest. You can read more about it in the article titled “Visa has just bought CryptoPunk and enters the world of NFT trading”. Take a look if you are interested in this area!

OpenSea as the most popular platform for NFT trading

The web is starting to fill up with platforms for NFT trading. Among them, you can pay special attention to OpenSea. It is the most popular exchange of this kind. Apart from the trading opportunities it provides, it stands out because you can create your own non-convertible digital assets through it. It works with most Ethereum wallets. It is a fairly intuitive space, often comparable to traditional online stores, where you can both participate in auctions and purchase works for the price proposed by the creator. These in turn are given by default in ETH, or sometimes in alternative coins such as USDC.

Disclaimer: Blockbulletin does not take accountability of investments based on the information of the website. We highly advice readers to make extensive research prior to any invest

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