Shiba Eternity Card Packs Revealed – Let’s check info and prices!

Shiba Eternity Card Packs Prices

Shiba Inu Eternity is now available online. Along with it, purchasable card packs have been released. Want to know how much they cost? Read on!

Shiba Eternity officially available

After a long wait, the Shiba Inu Eternity game is now available to users worldwide. The card game had its earlier demos, in countries such as Vietnam and Australia. Meanwhile, as of ‘Download Day’, which took place on October 6, you can download it to your mobile device, from anywhere on earth.

About the expectations for ‘Download Day’, we wrote in an article entitled: “Shiba Eternity’s new ‘Download Day’ date – time for the final countdown” – take a look and learn more about this unprecedented event.

The development of the game and its launch was overseen by a host of experts. At its head was William Volk. His figure, which is an icon in the gaming world, contributed significantly to the success. Shytoshi Kusama also played a significant role here. It was through him that many secrets about the game were revealed. Thanks to this, enthusiasm around Shiba Eternity grew, and with it impatience in anticipation of the release.  

What the game is about

The rules of the game are quite simple. Each user is given a Shiboshi dog and some basic cards. Players must take care of their dog and try to acquire as many new cards as possible at the same time. These are used for battles between game participants. Shiba Eternity also has an extensive store. It is a very important part of the game, as it allows you to make purchases of items that I may find necessary in the game. They include bundles, boosts, card packs, kibbles and card backs.

Card Packs and their prices

Card packs are the elements that arouse special interest. This is not surprising. After all, they have the potential to clearly increase a player’s chances in battles. Below is a look at their qualities.

To acquire the basic Card Packs, you need to arm yourself with cash in the order of $79.99 for a set of forty packs. The pack includes five fresh cards, as well as one of the rare or extremely fresh cards.

Cana Foil Packs, on the other hand, start at $4.99, for one pack and go up to $30.99 for a set of seven. Each pack contains three freshly made cards and all of them are foil cards.

Another set, on the other hand, is Rare Packs. These, in turn, can be purchased from $4.99 per pack and for $79.99 for a set of twenty. Here, in turn, we can expect five freshly made cards. Each of them is entitled to be very rare.

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