Shytoshi Kusama unveils card from Shiba Inu Games

Shiba Inu

A few days after Shytoshi Kusama revealed plans to launch the TREAT token, there is new and interesting information for SHIB. This time the main topic is the upcoming release of a game. Via Discord, lead developer Shiba Inu presents one of the cards.

SHIB Collectible Card Game is coming

As we mentioned in earlier articles, the release date of the new card game based on Shiba Inu has not yet been revealed. Nevertheless, there are rumors that it is expected to take place as early as September. Unfortunately, due to the numerous delays appearing in the ecosystem (for example, due to Shibarium), the developers are not confirming these reports. 

They are capturing the attention of the community with other aspects. Thus, Shytoshi Kusama, presented one of the elements of the upcoming game, arousing considerable curiosity among observers. On this occasion, many questions arose.

Late April

After presenting several aspects of Shiba Inu’s development, Shytoshi Kusama decided to show the SHIB community an image of a card mysteriously named Late April. As it turns out, it is a nod to the Shiba team, which promised the launch of ShibaSwap at the end of April 2021. However, work complications resulted in delays that pushed back the release date to late summer.

In the meantime, the new card shows some interesting elements that arouse real curiosity. A wristband appears on it. By comparison, the previously revealed card, named Bonk, showed sunglasses in the same place.

This aspect has sparked lively discussions regarding its purpose. There are indications that it may be a reference to different types of cards. The type, in turn, may affect some particular effect, type of equipment, location, or other conditions of the character itself.

In doing so, it is worth noting that different cards contain different attack and defense statistics.

Additional card description

Shytoshi Kusama confirmed that Late April is an actual card in the upcoming game. Looking at it, you will notice that it also has the following description:

“Give all friendly fighters 2 attacks at the end of your next turn.”

This aspect is causing quite a bit of excitement in the community. Observing such reactions, one can assume that the game has the right to enjoy great popularity in the future and play a strong influence, in the thriving Shiba Inu space.

This one, in turn, is being expanded with other important elements. We wrote about one of them in an article titled: “Shiba Inu Shibarium, SHI & TREAT Shytoshi releases huge updates”. Be sure to read on and find out how one of the most popular projects is evolving during the bull market.

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