In this section we offer you a list of exchanges and brokers with additional information about them. In the future we plan to add more and more information about more different platforms where you can buy, sell or store different cryptocurrencies. 

What are exchanges?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where you can trade cryptocurrencies with other users of that exchange for a certain fee / trade. The other possibility is that you pay a fee when depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrencies. Using orderbooks and comprehensive trading tools, you can different types of orders with the risks it comes with. Best is to keep your crypto balances in your own personal crypto wallet when you’re not using them for trading.

What are brokers?

A cryptocurrency brokers usually offers its users the option to buy, sell or trade different cryptocurrencies directly with them. You pay a certain fee per ‘trade’ you do with them. There are no orderbooks and usually no different type of orders you can do, just direct and fast buying, selling and trading. Prices with brokers usually come with a small premium for the comprehensive support most of the brokers have. Many brokers offer custodial wallets but again, best to keep your crypto balances in your own personal wallet when you’re not using them.

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