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Guide to stablecoins - what are they and how to purchase them

What are stablecoins and how can you use them?

In recent years, cryptocurrencies are experiencing a real “boom”! And not just for cryptocurrencies – the rise in popularity applies to blockchain technology in general. The craze for cryptocurrencies is in full swing, however, when we read the news, every now and then

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What is Sandbox (SAND)?

In this material, we take a look at one of the fastest growing spaces in the metaverse family. We are talking about Sandbox and SAND token. We will find out what its phenomenon is, what are its possibilities and prospects.  History of Sandbox

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Laws in cryptocurrency trading

Law and Trading in Cryptocurrencies

More and more countries allow the use of cryptocurrencies as financial- or business instruments. They are even allowed to be used as regular means of payment. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are beginning to be treated as property rights under tax law in most countries

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How to file cryptocurrency taxes

Taxation of cryptocurrencies in Europe

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity all the time and are slowly becoming a widely accepted means of payment. As more and more people are interested in the subject of cryptocurrency trading, we decided to take a closer look at the issue of taxes related

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How to buy Bitcoin

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. In 2021, as much as 11% of Americans claimed to own this cryptocurrency. Simultaneously, the number of all electronic wallets holding Bitcoin reached as many as 100 million. It is no wonder that

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What is Terra (LUNA)?

This time we take a look at another project that dived deep into the hearts of investors. What exactly is Terra (LUNA)? Blockchain Terra (LUNA)

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