Is Elon Musk Satoshi Nakamoto? – New clues emerge in this high-profile discussion

Elon Musk

The discussion about the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is endless. We ourselves have taken it up a couple of times. Meanwhile, new indications are emerging. They point to Elon Musk. So did the person who has always been suspected of creating Bitcoin actually do it?

SpaceX intern on the trail

Sahil Gupta, a former intern at the Musk-led SpaceX company, is almost convinced that the creator of Bitcoin is his former boss. This is indicated by the numerous clues he himself has come across. Interestingly, suspicions on Musk have long been made, but their addressee has repeatedly denied them. However, was he telling the truth?

“A few years ago, I wondered if Musk might be able to write Bitcoin’s source code. Then I realized that he actually was. Musk wrote the software for his first companies, Zip2 and, which literally specialized in peer-to-peer payments. The source code was written in C++ and described as ‘monolithic.’ It was the same with Bitcoin.” – Gupta reports.

There are more and more clues. Of particular interest, according to Gupta, is the method of writing, as well as Satoshi’s once-revealed geographic location:

“Satoshi’s use of ‘bloody hard’ and ‘order of magnitude’ were characteristic Musk expressions. Satoshi wrote with double spaces after the period. Musk did the same. Later, an article appeared that Satoshi once leaked an IP address in Van Nuys, Los Angeles in 2009. Oddly enough, SpaceX is adjacent to Van Nuys, and Musk frequently visits the Van Nuys airport.”

Satoshi and Musk’s shared quirks

According to a former SpaceX intern, there is still no direct evidence to indicate that Musk is Satoshi. However, an array of unremarkable circumstantial evidence is present. The set of similarities rests on “a rare intersection of geographic location, technical ability, writing style and motivating philosophy.”

Working at Elon’s company caused Gupta, being so close to Musk, to start connecting the dots. The shared linguistic quirks of the two characters became particularly important to him here. Such elements are particularly offbeat and, combined with other facts, cast the billionaire in a light of suspicion.

Musk and Satoshi’s linguistic mix

It is important to point out that Musk grew up in South Africa, which was a British colony. When he was 17, he moved to Canada. From there, in turn, to the US, where he currently lives. Thus, he grew up in English-speaking countries. However, the British variety of English is different from the American one. Musk therefore currently operates with both variants. Interestingly, Satoshi did exactly the same thing. His blog posts opined in phrases typically British, as well as typically American.

So will circumstantial evidence lead to the discovery of new facts? Certainly, the case has not yet seen its end!

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