Shiba Inu enters into partnership with Bugatti Group, and we know the details

Shiba Inu enters into partnership with Bugatti Group

The Shiba inu team has entered into a partnership with the popular luxury accessories brand. Its goal is to launch the NFT collection. This one will launch in just a few moments.

The Shiba Inu team reveals

According to an announcement made on Twitter on Wednesday, January 11, the Bugatti Group will host a specially organized minting event. It will aim to introduce both NFT collections and physical items. The event is scheduled to take place as early as January 15, at midnight UTC, on the Twitter Space.

The NFT minting process itself will find its start when the event begins. NFT holders will be able to pick up their physical items a week later. It was also announced that Sammy Arriaga, Emma Miller and Violetta Zironi are to be the event’s guests.

It is worth mentioning at the event that the Bugatti Group is also offering a discount of 55%, on various travel accessories found in the Shiboshi collection.

Details of the Bugatti NFT collection

As the creators anticipate, the event will feature as many as 300 NFT releases. 299 of them will be limited editions, while one will be exclusive. The mint price of the latter will be 0.14 ETH. It turns out that the stakes are high, as up to 95% of the mints will receive a luggage bag, sourced from the limited cross-body collection. 5% of the lucky winners, who will constitute exactly 15 people, will receive special Bugatti Carry-On carriers. It is on them that they will be able to place the Shiboshi NFT designs they own.

The aforementioned collection is one of the earliest works of the Shiba Inu community. It was launched in October 2021, thus presenting as many as 10,000 unique NFTs.

The joining of forces of Shiba Inu, with such a renowned brand as Bugatti Group, has caused quite a stir in the ranks of the community. This is because it is another milestone for the dog coin, which is set to gain significantly in popularity thanks to the partnership. There have also been voices showing hope that this cooperation will reflect favorably on the price of SHIB.

Shiba Inu on the chart

The SHIB token has recorded gains of 19.5% this year. Bitcoin’s stable situation has caused the meme coin, as well as many other altcoins, to experience interesting increases. Nevertheless, the day of the announcement of the partnership with Bugatti Group, is the time when the market experienced a correction. The declines have not spared SHIB, which is losing nearly 4.75% at the time of writing this article. Bearish divergences present on the RSI and OBV clearly strengthen the supply side.

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