The metaverse world is beginning its integration into the Bitcoin network


The metaverse era is infiltrating the Bitcoin world, claims Bitmap Theory. The project focuses on the vision that individual blocks can belong to people, triggering a fever of sign-ups.

Metaverse for BTC

Bitcoin Ordinals continues to initiate the creation of new marketable products. The latest of these is Bitmap Theory, an innovative and exciting way to combine Bitcoin with the metaverse.

Similar to Ordinals, which allows users to permanently save individual satoshi, Bitmap offers an opportunity whereby individuals can claim ownership of blocks of Bitcoin. According to an anonymous developer nicknamed Bitoshi Blockamoto, the open-source standard allows any block to be integrated into the metaverse.

“Bitmap is a revolution. Now you can claim ownership of Bitcoin’s blocks.” – Blockamoto wrote on Twitter. “This is prime real estate in the digital gold world.” – he added.

Blockamoto explained that the concept is that not only can any Bitcoin blocks be saved, but platforms can also analyze this data in a three-dimensional space, allowing owners to participate in fractional transactions with others. For users using Bitcoin blocks, this means co-creating the metaverse and creating a dynamic, community-driven environment.

Ordinals community craze

Since the announcement of Bitmap Theory, on June 13, the Ordinals community has gone crazy for records, with some desperately trying to get hold of historical blocks, such as the first one mined by Binance or the block containing transactions from Silk Road. They pursued these units with determination, aware of their importance and the symbolic value they held. A desire was aroused among the crowd of enthusiasts to own these unique artifacts, which were key to previous stages of Bitcoin’s development and had a hint of history in them.

Mark Shaw, known as 3ms.btc on Twitter, said: “66924 bitmap records. The fever continues at its best. People seem to get it. It’s very cheap and easy to do, available to everyone. All you need is imagination.”

Bitcoin metaverse boom has begun

iDclub, a domain service platform for Ordinals, tracks the types of names and number of records on the Bitcoin blockchain. According to the service, the .bitmap domain ranked second in six days, overtaking .btc domains with more than 190,000 signups over the past week.

This example is another testament to the project’s groundbreaking characteristics. It remains to be seen whether it will meet with long-term acceptance or become merely a short-term fad.

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