Well-known NFT artist Beeple warns of danger lurking in wallets – reason for Discord URL hack


The prominent NFT artist Beeple has spotted a serious breach of links directing to a Discord server. Users’ assets are at risk.

URL breach hack

Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann is a highly respected NFT artist. At the same time, he has a very wide following on Twitter, which at the time of this writing is well over 700,000 people. It was through this medium that he announced on Monday that the links that point to his Discord server had been hacked and changed. Instead of going to Discord, they direct users to a fake copycat server. This server allegedly has the ability to steal the NFTs of those interacting with it. Its appeal clearly states:

“It appears that our Discord URLs have been hacked to point to a fake Discord.”

He then added:

“DO NOT enter this Discord and verify, it will drain your wallet!!!”.

Inferring from the content of the message, logging into Beeple’s server requires connecting an Ethereum wallet holding one of the eligible NFTs to enter. Potentially connecting to a malicious server, therefore, could lead to the theft of assets in the wallet.

Beeple and its reputation in the NFT world

Beeple is a figure widely known to the NFT community. He has been involved in many groundbreaking projects. For example, his “Everydays: the First 5000 Days” set a record for the highest single NFT sale. It amounted to $69.3 million. He is also known for “HUMAN ONE.” It is a hybrid, being a partly digital and partly physical work. It was sold at auction for $28.9 million.

Intrusions into the server managed by him could damage the artist’s reputation. As it turns out, however, Beeple has not received any information from users as to any losses. There are many indications that the artist showed his reflexes and protected his customers.

Malware in the NFT market is becoming increasingly popular

Recent months have been marked by increased activity by fraudsters. They often use well-known accounts to lure unsuspecting users and fiddle with their holdings, including very often NFT. These practices are often found on Twitter, Discord and Instagram. Beeple itself experienced a similar hack in May of this year.

Meanwhile, Discord is an increasingly popular space for representatives of the cryptocurrency market. It is often through it that a community is built. 

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